5th November 2017 – Snow, sunshine and fascinating life on the beach

Snow! Not a lot but enough to be visible on the peaks of the Black Cuillin. By 9:15 this morning the clouds were lifting to reveal a  light dusting of the white stuff! Soon the sun was shining and from inside, where I was warm and cozy, it looked as if the pattern of snow before 7:00 (well it would have been there even if I couldn’t see it) and gone by 11:00, would be the order of the day. However, one sniff of the frigid air outside when I let the girls out for their morning ablutions made me think otherwise.

After pottering around indoors tidying my work room and being very structured and organised, I thought, “S*d this for a game of soldiers, I’m not staying in and wasting this beautiful day” so after checking the tide times, I gathered all the trappings for a trip out with the girls, coat (Lila’s), snacks, water, towel (for them), lunch (also for them), camera  (good grief its almost as bad a going out with toddlers) off we pootled to Fiskavaig Bay.

On arrival the tide was out and still on its way, perfect! There were “locals” gathering Razor Clams, carrier bag in one hand, tub of salt in the other, but other than that… no one. So I reckoned we had at least an hour before the post Sunday lunch guys came down to walk off their indulgences.

If you look closely, and don’t assume that what you are looking at is flora, you will soon see the fauna hiding in the pools, sand and seaweeds:

15:00  and finally we’re home, and guess what that dusting of snow is still evident  on the Black Cuillin:

then to top a grand Sunday off there was a very pretty sunset!

The weather man says its going to be wet tomorrow! Now there’s a surprise! But in the evening I’m collecting my sister in law, Susan, Stuart’s sister, who is staying for a few days. Tell you the truth she feels more like a sister to me. Can’t wait! Bring it on!

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  1. Thank you,Tania (and) girls for taking us on another “as if we were there” adventure! You certainly did justice to the beauty that is Scotland!

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