A Few Days Away – Edinburgh

Whilst I love Skye with a passion, I also love to get away and have someone else cook my breakfast, make my bed and clean my bathroom for  a change. And in my view the best place for a great city break is the beautiful city of Edinburgh.

Edinburgh has been my favourite city since I was a little girl. With its magnificent bridges (now there are THREE) across the Firth of Forth.

Edinburgh Castle sits perched upon that massive rock whilst below are the beautiful Princes Street Gardens. Did you know that Princes Street Gardens were originally the site of a moat around castle rock?

There is such a huge variety of things to see and do I’m hard-pressed to find another city that pleases me more – consistently!

We visited Edinburgh a week or so ago for a few days away. Our plan this time around was to drive to our hotel, which meant it had to be a wee bit outside the city centre so that there was free parking. Then we would walk or take a taxi to more or less everywhere we wanted to go depending on the time of day or night.

In mid December of course there are the Christmas markets and in Edinburgh they’re located in Princes Street Gardens along with a bright and visually spectacular fun fair.  So we could stand on one of the bridges crossing from Princes Street up to the Royal Mile or in fact anywhere above the city and look down on a truly fabulous scene.

Our city break involved a trip to the theatre – well we just had to didn’t we? We chose to visit the ballet, although we could have gone to see a show – after all there’s more than one theatre in Edinburgh – but as we hadn’t been to the ballet for some years it was a real treat to watch Hansel & Gretel at the Festival Theatre – it was a triumph, a real mix of traditional and modern ballet, we LOVED it!

Hansel & Gretel at the Festival Theatre, waiting for the curtain to go up.

I particularly wanted to go to the Scottish National Gallery as there were some exhibitions that particularly took my fancy as well as some of the beautiful works of the Impressionists. Then there was the Scottish National Museum which had been featured on the TV recently – so I had to go and see that didn’t I?

As with any trip, anywhere, food & drink, especially good, tasty food plays an important part. So, street food in the Christmas markets – very tasty, often beautifully cooked and what a variety of produce catering for every taste, you just have to look. Various Inns around the city serving tasty meals, some hidden away off brightly decorated streets and of course, most important of all – a good restaurant. Where better in my mind than Loch Fyne Seafood & Grill at Leigh Waterfront? The food is quite simply delicious, the service excellent and the views from this airy well designed restaurant are spectacular.

We also found the cutest little pub called the Harbour Inn, Newhaven just over the road from the restaurant. It proved to be the perfect place for that end of evening drink before we ambled past the fish market to our hotel.

Old photo in the Harbour Inn of the Fish Market, Leith Waterfront, Newhaven

You’ve probably guessed by now that we stayed on Leith Waterfront at Newhaven, and very nice it was too. Perfect for a walk into town.

We also wanted to go on a tour around HMY Britannia, docked at Ocean Terminal, Leith. We saved this for our last day and drove to the docks. It was literally just down the road from where we were staying. With free parking and pleasant, helpful staff it was so worth the experience. There is so much to learn about the yacht and her predecessors, so many fabulous photo’s to see of the Royal family over the years, and then to see how such a yacht was used (not always by our Royal family) over the years she was in service – was quite simply amazing.


So try it – Edinburgh in December is so worth it!


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  1. Oh my, Tania, how fabulous you make it all seem! I’m thinking a December beginning in Edinburgh then up to my Highlands and islands is in order in the near future! I love ballet and markets but I think that cathedral of lights took me to another place! Wow! Wonderful photos and commentary. Thank you!

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