A Year on Skye – October 20th – Walking by Loch Beag

Didn’t have to get up early today which was a treat! Yesterday was lovely and relaxed too. After my last guest of the season had waved goodbye and I had quaffed a second cup of coffee, I co-opted my friend Carol to help me choose new settees for my sitting room from HHF (Harris Home Furnishings) at Edinbane (we have similar tastes so she makes an excellent sounding board). Found a very comfy pair of two seater leather settees in a mid grey/green that we both agreed would look amazing. So I ordered them – result!  We then went on to be “ladies what lunch” at the Edinbane Inn, stuffing ourselves with Cullen Skink (me) and fat sandwiches (Carol), quite delicious. After which, we walked over the road and shopped at the Edinbane Pottery.

A quick two minutes down the road and we arrived at The Hebridean Trading Company and learned all sorts of things such as: they teach Fair Isle Knitting and you get to sit in the comfiest chairs while your doing it. They sell amazing hand crafted items and of course my all time favourite – WOOL! mostly from their own sheep. I can’t wait to weave with it!

So today, after pottering around and getting the weekly shop in Portree, I took the girls (Lila & Tali) for a wander to Loch Beag, which is near Struan along the Dunvegan Road.

Despite the fact there are no trees just shrubby Gorse down this glen, there is fungi – quite a lot if it and some of it really colourful and delicate too!

So where were we?  You just have to guess from the photo’s to gain the location. Have fun!

And finally: These are a few of my favourite things collected from the beach on our walk:

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