A Year on Skye with few words but lots of pictures

This year starts on 18th October 2017 – a strange time to start you may think, but its the end of the B&B season for me so its the best time to start my year on the Isle of Skye. The target is to take lots of photo’s and add a few words about:

  1. weather conditions with occasional comparisons with previous years
  2. wildlife – birds, plants and fungi
  3. events – Glamaig Hill Race, Skye Half Marathon, Skye Games etc.

Some of it will be personal, some – not so much. Its going to be a year of new beginnings, new goals and adventure. Exploring new walks, revisiting old and trusted wanderings and visits from family. So here we go ……….

October 18th 2017

Its dry at least today, which if you have been living here for the past month, will be a definite plus. I have one guest in today and tomorrow, my last for this season, so winding down now. Its quite chilly but not as cold as it was in October 2011, the first year I lived here:

First snow on Black Cuillin 17th October 2011

The birds have been frantic to feed too, “swarming” all over the feeding stations. There are hoards of Sparrows, Chaffinches, Starlings around the feeders. Plus a load of other “returning regulars” Robins, Blackbirds, Great and Coal Tits, Dunnocks, Greenfinches, a family of Collar Doves (they’ve multiplied) plus our resident birds of prey the Sparrow Hawk and the ever present Buzzards. And last but by no means least the scavenging Hooded Crows. You’ll see lots of photo’s this crowd during the year.

A walk down near Glenbrittle was the highlight of the day, along a forest path beyond the Fairy Pools.

We were here. If you can work out exactly where we were from the photo’s then you can enjoy this walk too with a foray into the forest itself, simply by jumping over the burn:

A good walk with lots of interesting and varied Fungi. I can’t begin to name all the species, but s you can see they come in all shapes and sizes. It’s really quite fascinating to see so many in such a small Larch and spruce forest.

Today’s walk was also an adventure for Lila & Tali who spent a great deal of time hunting the abundance of tiny mice (they all got away – they were way too fast) that run and hide amongst the mosses and grass around the forest and its perimeters .

Lila & Tali hunting for mice
Absolutely shattered!

2 thoughts on “A Year on Skye with few words but lots of pictures”

  1. Stunningly beautiful representation of Skye! Thank you for the time and effort it took to capture the beauty that is your home (even though I’m quite sure you enjoyed every minute of it!); I look forward to each of your postings!
    PS. I know from personal experience of the mouse hunting talents of Misses Lila and Tali!

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