December /January – where did the time go??

Well time simply flew by in December. Did anyone else find that? I had so much to do, planning Christmas with my daughter and her children, buying presents and goodness knows what else. Stair gate! bed guard (does anyone know how to take one of those apart? Its a nightmare. Answers on a postcard please!

Having a seven year old grand daughter staying was quite a delightful experience.First there was tree decorating – she’s a natural. They had bought loads of new handmade decorations for the tree here on Skye. It looked fab once we had finished.

Christmas Tree artfully decorated by Nani Skye, Diana and Rachel

One the one decent day we had before Christmas, we took a trip down to the beach! Shell collecting, wellie walking and searching rock pools with Lila!

Have you ever had one of Santa’s elves in the house over Christmas? We did! We placed him in the tree coz he looked good there, and in the morning …. where’s he gone? Generally somewhere where he shouldn’t be and definitely with something he’s not supposed to have.

We had snow, up on the hills on Christmas day and then bingo. We had snow on the lawn. The grandkids were ecstatic. Once it stopped snowing and we were well and truly trapped at home – couldn’t get up and down the driveway – it was snowman building time! Wilfred III (apparently all their snowmen are called Wilfred, don’t ask my why its a mystery) was not great on stature but he was certainly portly. Once supplied with a carrot nose, eyes and teeth from the gravel on the driveway (located after a bit of digging) he was duly anointed with a wooly hat and a cozy scarf.

Wilfred III with his proud builders

After an impromptu snowball fight everyone came in rosy cheeked and decidedly exhausted. It made for a very quiet afternoon I can tell you.

Work in the garden is coming along a treat. Now the trellis is up to filter the wind from the west (the prevailing wind) its amazing how well it works. There are raised beds now with Iris, Crocosmia and lots of bulbs all ready for spring…. whenever that decides to grace us with its presence. Later more plants will be added but for now this is it!

And now its January 2018. How did that happen? Fourteen days in and we’ve had gales and rain almost constantly, which meant walks in Eynort Forest, and then there were a couple of very very cold frosty days.

January 1st we celebrated New Year by pootling off down to Genbrittle Beach (more or less my favourite beach on Skye) and absorbed the fabulous views.




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  1. Beautifully written, Tania (as usual!) and the accompanying pictures are wonderfully illustrative (is this a word?)- an absolute treat for the eyes, and for a soul missing Scotland! And since you asked..I see a bearded Scottsman in a tam in the “chicken” picture! ❤️

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