Friday 3rd November 2017 …… De ja Vue…… and then some

Woke up at 06:30 yesterday, heart racing. Again it was a Friday but somewhere in my mind it was a Saturday and that is where it begins. Immediately I am transported back to that horrible day in February when I became a widow! It’s a haunting feeling, empty and void of substance. Its impossible to get past and when it hits ….. it’s just as overwhelming! De ja vue can be a weird sensation. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when  this feeling of being somewhere before; that can be kicked off by a sound, a scent, or even the way the light touches the earth, can be special. It always makes my heart race, whatever kicks it off!

Yesterday was wet, and here in Glen Drynoch the wind was gusting. Yep! Even the weather was depressed.  However, doggies need their walk regardless, so off to Glen Eynort we went. Its one of the few places where there is sufficient cover and shelter to be able to walk without getting totally drenched or blown away on a day like yesterday. I know we’ve been here before but like the majority of the walks the girls and I go on, it is no more than about 20  minutes from home and there is virtually a 100% likelihood of no one else being there. Perfect for the mood I was in.

Autumn is in full swing now, so this forest is full of colour. Why “this forest”? Because, Eynort Forest, which merges into Glenbrittle Forest – well as far as the Forestry Commission plantation is concerned – has a large amount of well established woodland on its lower levels near Grula.

There are so many plants; ferns, mosses and shrubs including wild flowers still visible in Eynort Forest. In spring – its a riot of colour.

However, in my mind, Eynort Forest is most defined by the sound of rushing water. Primarily that of the massive falls of Allt Daidh which cascade from a lochan at the top of Beinn à Bhraghad in the very heart of the forest.

Then there’s the scenery, where there are gaps in the trees and from the bends in the tracks. Beautiful vistas across the glen, a nice “treat”, giving glimpses of the small crofting community at Eynort. Plus suggestions of other plant life before the Spruce, Larch and Firs were planted, and a hint at the larger wildlife that inhabits the forest – Deer!

Of course no blog would be complete without the “girls” and their mini adventures!

By the end of our walk I was feeling more upbeat. The soothing power of the great outdoors, bird song and oodles of fresh air should never be underestimated in my mind, and on Skye its abundant!

2 thoughts on “Friday 3rd November 2017 …… De ja Vue…… and then some”

  1. Hello Tania

    Drina and I enjoy reading your blog very much. Hope you are well and that you have a restful off-season. We look forward to seeing you again in May 2018.

    Best wishes to you,
    Wes and Drina
    Lincoln City, Oregon

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