Monday 30th October – Red sky at morning – shepherd’s warning…..really?!

We’ve all heard this, its a saying from centuries back, it goes, “Red sky at night, shepherds delight. Red sky at morning shepherds warning”. Some say its an old wives tale that means nothing. Others swear by it, especially those you live in the country. It’s meant to alert us to the weather conditions we can expect that day.

This mornings sunrise woke me up – and when I peeked out of the curtains I was amazed! The brightest of skies, red,orange and yellow shot through the clouds which were glowing as if someone had got a giant paintbrush and painted the sky. It was almost as if the very clouds were on fire at one point! Absolutely stunning to watch.

Now up here on Skye a red sky doesn’t necessarily mean we are in for a wet day. Sometimes others get the wet or stormy day yet we somehow escape with maybe a few clouds and a stiff breeze. I suppose its one of the joys of living on an island. However, that red sky this morning really did mean we were in for a less than bright day. My walk with “my girls” started at 10:45 and as you can see something is definitely going on with the weather!

But the doggies didn’t mind the cold and the stiff breeze, they just wanted to get out and explore!

While I am typing, around 15:45, it has become very dull outside with a damp mist slowly spreading its soggy fingers across the glens. The wind has picked up too. Maybe today that red sky really did mean we were in for a rough day, although it took its time coming! Good to be warm and cozy inside right now!

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