The week that was…

Last week was a week of events to say the least. Monday was terrible – weather wise. Rain – torrential, wind – gale force and then some. I was expecting my sis-in-law, Susan (Stuart’s full sister, … there are two stepsisters and  one step brother plus a half brother – big family) we are more like sisters than in-laws, have been since we met, which is great. Considering Stuart used to say,” if she doesn’t like you she’ll cast a spell on you”. OooooK!!!!!! That really eased my mind for our first meeting. But we got on really well from day one.

Right, so Susan was due at 20:30 which meant I had to collect her from Kyle off the train. Hayley, my step-daughter had arrived by 14:00 – she hadn’;t seen her Aunty Sue since the funeral in March,  and after sorting her and her mate Gemma out I  drove in what could only be described as storm like conditions to meet my sis. Scary or what! Lashing rain and gales made the journey to Kyle a bit of a nightmare to say the least. When I got there the tide was in. OMG talk about a swell! I have never seen the sea so high at Kyle of Lochalsh. You really felt it would come over the top of sea wall at any moment!

So after all that excitement on Monday evening, we all just chilled and gossiped all Tuesday morning. Hayley and Gemma spent the morning catching up with friends as they had to get back to Boat of Garten that evening. Then Sue and I dragged ourselves off to Carbost to walk the dogs, where there were still quite a few squally showers around.:

Had a nice wander along Glenbrittle Beach a couple of days later. It was cloudy but at least it was dry. Then a brief visit to Trien Cemetery to pay our respects:

Friday left me feeling a tad ‘down’ as I drove my Sis back to Kyle to catch the train to Inverness and the pattern of weather didnt let us down at all, oh no! Torrential rain as soon as we got to Kyle. So later, a visit to the vets to have Lila’s stitches out (she had to have a cyst removed from her face last week) resulted in a walk in the sheltered woods by the Aros Centre;

You can guarantee it though, no sooner had Susan left for “bonnie??!!” Manchester, the weather turned into exactly what we want in November…. crispy sunshine and glorious colours and …. well FAB!  It got cold…… and snow appeared on the tops for the rest of the weekend….

Glen Drynoch can be so tranquil in the Autumn:

Have you noticed, my life seems to revolve around my dogs these days? Its a mix of walks – wherever – visits to the Vets in Portree and whatever antics they are engaged in.  Here we go again, the Tali dog is wagging her tail frantically, its 17.20, almost time to her dinner. cheeky madam. Better go then!

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